Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Christmas for the ages

Christmas is almost a month gone, but I have to post a quick few comments on this year's celebrations...  Let's just was a Christmas for the ages! Whew, leading up to it was pretty normal holiday season happenings. We did a lot of our family traditions and it was really fun to have another child really grasp onto some of them this year. It is such a joy to watch Jaxon and Austin both remember and look forward to some of our family traditions. I was so looking forward to having a baby boy over this holiday this year. There is something magical about holding a sweet baby boy as you celebrate Jesus's birth.... however, my sweet baby boy got VERY sick a few days before Christmas and lets just say... that magical feeling was hard to find a lot of the time :( None the less, I did my best to make the most of it and not let a very fussy, achy, can't sleep or eat or breathe well, baby get me down. (I only had 1 melt down on Christmas Eve... sorry fam!! :) 
As the fog of sleepless nights and long days started to lift I stepped away from this time period feeling a little beaten up and decided I did not want to let circumstances define me. They got the best of me at times and nobody benefits from that. So, being a not very New Year Resolution type gal...I turned over a new leaf. I made about 7 New Years Resolutions this year!!! And I have to say the effort put towards really making some changes on paper has been very helpful. Number one on my list... laugh more, complain less. If I am to survive this life of motherhood with 3 boys I better learn to laugh things off or I may be doomed. My attitude over the holidays really only hurt myself in the end and I was a overly tired pouty baby me, but seriously, get over it already. Looking circumstances were just that. A circumstance that was only for the moment. And I tripped and fell flat on my face as I tried to walk through it. Sigh... thank goodness for grace. The white snow has been a beautiful picture of God's grace for me these last few days... though our sins are scarlet, He washes them away and makes then white as snow. Christmas had some magic left in it after all...

Christmas Eve... got everyone dressed and decided it wasn't wise to take Carson out. So we stayed home...

...and good thing we did, because this is what he did :)

after a breathing treatment... big brother checking in

Christmas Morning! Smiles and a great slow lazy morning...

Carson's 1st Christmas

Dad's clone :)

Our only family picture over the holidays... on our way out the door to head home. Sure loves this crew!

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