Sunday, January 8, 2012

A's birthday "day"

We always start our birthday boy's off with their favorite breakfast and a few gifts from mom & dad. This year it was egg biscuits for this birthday boy!

Austin was so fun to watch open gifts this year! We don't spend a ton on birthday gifts, but instead try to get one thing they really, really would like and I pick up a few things here and there on major clearance through-out the year. As he opened I calculated in my head and figured I spend about $20 total on 6 gifts. His reaction to everything was priceless.... I should have had a camcorder going!! Everything was "this is amazing" "thank you" "this is awesome, look Jaxon, this is amazing". Simple, genuine joy. I loved it.

A few amazing birthday toys and two excited boys!

His birthday was a Monday, so we had usual daycare kids here and enjoyed a quiet little play day doing a few of his favorite things. Playing cars, coloring & painting, baking cakes, reading books, watching a cartoon, and just hanging out.

The birthday boy before his "G'ma & G'pa" party.

 He was so sweet opening gifts from family.... he took his time, opened carefully, read the card, and thanked each person. And I think every gift got an "this is amazing" response :)

 4 year old!

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating our newly turned 4 year old!!! Thanks to all who helped!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Four... so hard to believe!! I recognize the train?!! We have two of the same (from aldi?) stored away for when Cainan decided to poop on the potty!! :) So sweet that he gives grateful comments as he opens.