Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Answered prayer!

We have a prayer wall at our house and for about 2 months now, Austin has consistently put "snow" on this list. It was sometimes hilarious to listen to him pray for snow every night before bed while Jaxon was praying for the military, his friends, or a family member. Austin was sure that God would send him some snow. God answers prayers in His own timing and the arrival of snow for this 4 year old was no different. The morning he woke up to find enough snow to sled in our backyard with was a VERY happy day...for him at least. Dave started the morning complaining about the snow at the breakfast table. Austin's response... "well, I love the snow, Dad. It's amazing!" Happy SNOW day to him!

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Manfulls said...

I think Austin and I had the same prayer! They look so happy in the snow!