Saturday, December 17, 2011

Austin and three

 As a 3 year old, Austin has used this year to really start to show us his own personality, likes, and spirit. What a joy to walk alongside him and watch God mold who he is becoming! He, like big brother, LOVES the water...

 He is adventurous and "flies" around here all the time. This is the year I had to almost take him to ER for a mild concussion after attempting to be Buzz Lightyear and flew right off the couch onto the hard floor, head first. All with no clothes on of course. (if you know this son of mine, you know he prefers the buff vs. clothing any day! Actually many pictures I can not post because he is too naked)

 "noooooo".... for so long I heard this when it would snow out. Now I hear his little prayers at night asking for the real stuff, snow, to come the next day for him to play in. I think he's the only one disappointed we don't have any yet :)

 Famous for his wildy long hair that I have to trim every two weeks because it grows so fast.... and famous for his ability to sit and play cars/trains/trucks for very long periods of time all by himself. He loves it!

 He is my little helper in the kitchen. I love that he keeps me on track with a few family traditions too. He would have family pizza, movie, and popcorn night every night if he could choose, not just for Fridays!

 A big year... as a 3 year old he became a Big Brother. I will never forget all the excitement he had leading up to Carson's arrival.... it fell a bit when he realized Carson could do nothing for him or with him just yet, but I'm holding out. These two will be buds soon :)

 He is my little creative bug. He loves painting, coloring, drawing, getting messy with whatever I put on the table for him.

 And I know he's really probably too big, but I don't care. It's not like he will walk into kindergarten with these things!  He was still my blankie and binkie boy as a 3 year old. He recently has been trying to ditch both though and it makes me a little sad.

 Outdoors.... he would be a farm kid if we let him. Chasing chickens here and loving it!

 And I can't say enough about the handful of amazing people God continues to surround our family with. As we raise these babies, God faithfully puts people in our lives who make bringing up these boys easier, encourage us, love on us, pray for us, laugh with us....just walk with us. Austin is especially fond of our good friend, Natalie. I sure appreciate her heart for my children....her heart in general. She is a light to my family and Austin spent a lot of his time as a 3 year old loving her! If I could bottle her up and freeze her for the next 20 years, I'm sure she'd be a keeper for him :)

 Austin is one fun-loving kid... he still loves slides and prefers them over the swings at the park.

 Austin wanted to be in almost ALL my pregnancy photos. I love how he would wrap himself around that big belly. Most of my photos are of him and I, taken by Jaxon.

 He is true dirt and trucks kind of boy.... most summer days I emptied pockets and shoes full of sand and dirt.

And most of all... I have loved the way his heart is shaping towards Jesus. He talks about God a lot and relates Him to so many things. The faith of a child is so simple and real. Much can be learned from my 3 year old's heart for Jesus!

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