Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trick or Treat

My boys love Halloween! We do everything pumpkiny, sweet, simple, with friends, and just have fun. We use pumpkin carving as a perfect time to share the idea that God cleans us out and uses us to shine for Him. I have some great childrens books that really help teach this image to our kids. The last handful of years we have done a little party at our house for anyone with young kids who want to come over for chili, kid food, and fun before trick or treating. It's become a really fun tradition we all look forward to. I love seeing the kids get all dressed up playing all over our house and yard. I really enjoy feeding people, even if it's basic chili and pigs in a blanket :) We had a beautiful day for the party this year, followed by a perfect night for trick or treating. I'm not going to lie, it was a busy few hours... but worth every barfed on shoe I had, spray painted head I saw, apple cider on my floor, and counter full of dishes left at the end of the night!!!  

 We started the afternoon fun by heading to school to see Jaxon in his costume parade.

 There's Jaxon this year... a ninja :)  His choice of costume this year, whatever it is they do!

 Let the party begin... lots of cute kids to be found, but I was terrible at getting pictures this year!! Too much going on!

 Our home was filled to the brim... and I loved every second of it!

 Babies were EVERYWHERE!! I think I counted 9 new babies that were not here last year at this time! How crazy is that? God has been good to so many of us!!

 I got nervous the food would run out. Some how the "real" food was all gone and I was left with pans full of pumpkin bars... how did that happen?

 Getting ready to head out with Dad for trick or treating... a different year for us with Carson. I needed to nurse him so I stayed back and caught up to them at our friends home later. I hear the boys made out very well thanks to Dad's work crew :)

 Ah, boys... what else can I say? This involved my son, his best friend, and a can of black spray paint. Need I say more?

 Carson was a bear this year and he played the part well about 30 minutes after I put this on him.

Okay, so I never actually found a time to snap a pic of all 3 boys on Halloween... so a few days later counts too, right?


Katie R. said...

Good idea having them put their costumes on a few days later, I might still do that, now that you mention it!

Becky Bartlett said...

A few days later counts for sure! Thanks for including us in your fun! I need to find out what books you use for your pumpkin carving! You're so good at those teachable moments!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

hahahaha i love your comment about carson fitting the part of his costume 30 min later;)

Krista said...

We had to do pictures a week after too!! :) Oh what we moms do for just a couple pictures!!