Saturday, November 12, 2011

fall favorites...

The days are shorter and the mornings so chilly you can't help but want that cup of hot tea to start your day. I down-loaded my camera and realized I had tons of fall pictures I never blogged. Here are a few of our favorite fall moments at our house. 

Pumpkin carving with little friends!

Painting pumpkin faces with some of my daycare crew!

Our yard gets TONS of leaves every year. While it is work, I love it. And so do our boys :)

A lazy Sunday fall afternoon.... we have a picture of Dave as a kid on this same bridge outside of town. We drove out to check it and the river out.

It was a little high for me, so I hung out at the end and held on tight while snapping pictures :)

Halloween cookies, of course!! I had two great helpers for this project.

And they did a great job!

Little buddies finding their smiles at the same time... too precious!

This fall Austin has just clicked with putting puzzles together. He does all kinds and ones I would think to be too hard for him. He spends long stretches doing this, it's so fun to watch him.

More leaves and more leaves and more leaves...

Jaxon has mastered tree climbing and I have to tell him to come back down from WAY too high of places! Ah, boys!

And more leaves :)

And more leaves and more cute boys :)

What a beautiful time of year to be outside.

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