Monday, November 28, 2011

A bunch to be thankful for...

I'm not sure how, but Thanksgiving has been here and gone. I can not believe we are turning the calendar to December the end of this week. Time flies when you're having fun! This Thanksgiving was extra special in a couple ways... one, it is the first Thanksgiving since my grandmother passed away and we always celebrated her birthday during this time, as well as usually enjoyed many of her delicious recipes. I did my best to copy her home-made rolls recipe, but it just wasn't the same as hers. We found our way back to my home-town for lunch with my side of the family. I was thankful to have a place to go and enjoy good food and family!  

"Black Friday" we headed to Dave's "home-town" (sort a kinda) to gather with his side. It was Dave's Grandma Violet's 90th birthday this year on thanksgiving too! Wow, now that's a lifetime filled with thanksgiving! On Dave's side there are so many cousins running around that it is everything but quiet :) A few years ago, Dave's sister and hubby, built their dream home and with that included a gym attached to their house. Needless to say, this has become our new family gathering spot for just about everything! They did a fine job of having a vision for providing a gathering place for many people when they designed this home. It has truly blessed us all. Our kids LOVE playing at the "gym house"! 

As the thanksgiving season has come to an end, my heart is over-flowing with gratitude for the faith we share and teaches us about love, grace, and life; family we have, our friends whom we live life closely with, our home church who walks with us in every season, our "things" in life that make our life easier, good health, and each other. At the end of the day I look back and can honestly is very good. We are so blessed and God has been so good to us.

 My parents with all 8 of their grandkids... soon to add 2 more!

 Colorado cousins (and 1 Iowa gal :)

 My brother brought his puppies...

 and I ALMOST said yes to this little face :)

 Carson and cousin Jazlyn just catching a bit of the FB game while we eat!

 Gathered around the table.... part of us :) the rest were sitting on steps, couches, counter tops, and standing! We're a big group even for a big house!

 Doesn't take long for the kids to find the hoops!

 Thankful for a place like this to share family time!

 My Babe... he's still got it at 34!! (wink, wink)

 There are 2 swings hanging from rafters... the speed they spin at makes me want to puke, but these two love it!

And I can't believe I didn't get one picture of our neighbor Thanksgiving!! We have a house just two houses down from us. As homes close to us pop up for sale or rent I always start to pray hard for whoever moves into them. I truly believe community needs to exist amongst neighbors and I love having good neighbors around us who share part of our family life and who my kids interact with. We have been blessed beyond words with our newest neighbors just a yard away. They are the kind of friends who we can ask for a cup of sugar or just drop in to say hi. We play in the yard together and share meals and tools and laughter and tears. We are so blessed by them and we kicked off our Thanksgiving with this wonderful family! A perfect start to the Thanksgiving season!!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! That picture of Dave was impressive!!! :)