Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carson's last few weeks

To capture Carson at this stage I have to write a few things before I forget, because he is changing and growing way too fast! In some ways I am ever so thankful and in other ways I wish he would just slow down!! I can not believe he is already 3 months old. I feel like we just brought him home a lot of days, but I suppose with 3 active little guys the days are going to just start flying by me.

I weighed him at a friend's house and he is roughly 14 pounds. His legs and second chin can prove it.... he has really plumped up this last month. He still eats more often then I would prefer, but I think we are heading towards a wider stretch in between feedings. He has been pretty consistent with nursing every 2-3 hours. Often times the late afternoons and evening feedings are barely 2 hours. Whew, that can get exhausting and makes it hard at times to do anything other then nurse and make dinner for the rest of us. Yet, I love the built in times of day for me to stop and just hold him and coo with him amongst the busyness in my house. At night though he will go down usually between 730-8:30 and when he doesn't have a cold (his current status) will sleep until 4ish and then wake around 730. I am thankful his nights are pretty good most the time. Too bad we don't seem to live in the "most the time" at the moment. For a boy who can sleep like a champ at night usually, he does not do the same during the day. I've never had to teach either of my first two how to nap. Carson.... let's just say we get lots of lessons together!!! He is more of a 30-45 minutes napper, but seems pretty happy and content when not sleeping, so I can't complain I have a crabby baby... just one who doesn't need much sleep during the day. Darn it! Now that he is getting so smiley and interactive it is more fun to hang out with him during his awake time. The first couple months he was just kind of crabby pants with me when not eating or napping. I must have been really boring him :)  It's SO wonderful to have a baby that is content... finally!

I have decided to throw my goals of having any sort of schedule out the window and just stick to an everyday routine. I try to do the same thing in order each day to help Carson find some rhythm to his day and to understand when it is time to sleep and time to be awake and time to eat. I've had to juggle him around taking Jax to school, fixing lunch, picking Jax up from school and any evening activities we may have. I think I said this before, but the poor babe rarely gets to go down when he wants to or often time has to nurse early or late due to other's schedules in the house. I hate waking a sleeping baby, but he usually gets woken up to do a to and from school drop/pick up. Each day though he seems to get better at being flexible...slowly but surely :) My new frame of thinking is "15 minutes at a time". I do not plan much past 15 minutes because nothing seems to go as I planned when I do much past that, ha! I just never know these days. I think I am learning to be flexible more then Carson :)

I can not believe how crazy smiley and talkative he has gotten!! It is so fun! He would sit on my lap or in my arms and just laugh, coo, and squeal back to me for long stretches of time. I love seeing his personality bubble over and I think we have a bit of a little Jaxon on our hands :) He seems to really love faces and being talked to by anybody. For a babe who has shown me he doesn't intend to just "fall into line" here, I sure love him to pieces still and feel so blessed to have a beautiful and healthy baby boy. 3 months is a short time to fall in love so fast, but that is exactly what I have been doing!! :)

PS check out our 3 boys pics in the post below... I can't believe how much they look alike!

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Becky Bartlett said...

15 minutes at a time... so true! So glad you're getting some sleep at night!!