Sunday, October 16, 2011

the boys of fall

 This is where we spent every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the last 7 weeks... right here on the side of the football field watching our boys practice their favorite game called football. Jax is in the orange with his arms around his buddies. He loves his football buddies!

 The boys had GREAT coaches this year and they made the practice's really fun, as well as teaching them a thing or two about the basics to the game.

 Our whole family came as often as we could to practice's. Austin always had siblings of other boys to play with and the parents were a super fun group this year. Some nights it was too chilly for Carson, but most nights he was a trooper :)

 Jaxon handing off to his buddy, Gabe. You can tell these two play ball together every day! They worked really well together.

 Coach Mike gathering the team for a play...

 Napping baby Carson... we had 3 new baby's on the side this year! Carson, Simeon, and Finn were such good little babies at all the games... they will be out there before we know it!

 The Dad's were awesome... they usually stuck around to play a little pick up game with the kids afterwards... I love watching them play together :)  I'm not sure who had more fun... kids or Dad's?
 The boys of fall... (and 1 girl, watch out...she was pretty good!!)

 Austin stayed entertained with his cars at most games... I always brought him home full of softball field dirt and grass.

 Another play in action...

Good season team Eagles! We had such a fun team this year... I loved the families we got to hang out with during the week and on Saturday mornings. It was a great group of nice kids and it was fun to watch them learn a game together. It sure went fast... we're already planning some fun play times because I think we're all going to miss this crowd (and game) a bit :)

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Holly said...

loved watching Jaxon this year. He informed me at church today that he had 11 touchdowns. So impressive! I think he'll probably always remember ALL his stats to all his games!