Wednesday, September 7, 2011

never say never

I think when I had Jaxon and someone asked me if I was going to try cloth diapers I said something like "never in a million years". :) Well, as I usually learn with things in my life... never say never! I did not use cloth diapers for my first two boys. However, when Dave's sister showed me her super cute, super (fairly) easy, and super financially smart cloth diapers.... how could I not?!?!  I waited until my boy was 10 pounds and out of that poop 10-12 times a day stage. I have loved the new diapers! Heidi uses super cute fabrics and has a new fleece liner that is soft for baby's bum and easy to clean. I love how well they are working and how much money they are saving us!! If you ever considered cloth diapers, check these out! She does make them and sell them and I totally support her product! I can't believe I gave into these, but am so glad I did. Thanks Aunt Heidi!!!

PS Heidi makes these for a fraction of the cost that you find on-line...well worth the up front money :)


Katie R. said...

cutest set of buns on Loma St.:)

Neil & Ems said...

Hey, not sure if you remember me, this is Emili Hostetler. I am just wondering how much your sister in law, Heidi, sells cloth diapers for? I just had a little girl 4 weeks ago and am cloth diapering.

Hope you are doing well :)



Allison Mussig said...

yep, can you share your sister in law's information? if you can handle the extra laundry with all you have going on i am all about trying it. thx, allison

katie said...

Hey I found your blog through Bailey King and was interested in possibly getting a few more CD for my stash. Does your SIL have a website or contact information? Thanks!