Sunday, September 18, 2011

I lub my friends

I recently went back to my in-home child care "job" after a very quick 6 weeks :) Knowing I have to work a little bit to make our family budget work, I am so so thankful I have a job I can do from home. Being able to stay home with our kids is such a priority on our list and where my heart truly is. Being able to work from home doing what I enjoy doing is such a gift. I love being with kids, enjoy teaching them, and providing for them. I had a lot of changes with child care over the last 6 months and this fall kicks off a whole new crew! (well, almost new... new to me and my schedule!) 
Austin was so excited to have some friends here to play with again. However, the night before the first kids came as I was telling him who was coming he said "okay, and can my friends that I lub come too?" He was ready for his buddy Jakey and Avery :) I love how he says "love...lub" right now and it was so stinking cute and kinda sad because I had to tell him no. Good thing he loves people easily. I'm sure our new crew will be on his "lub" list very soon!! Welcome new friends!

 Ayden, Austin, and Madi having first snack together :)

 Jace and Addelyn waiting patiently for lunch :)

Addelyn and Austin making up fun in the tent!

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