Monday, September 12, 2011

First Timer!

Dave took Austin to his first Vikings game a couple weekends ago. Austin was pretty excited to be going by himself with his dad. They had a very fun day planned! Dave took him for a picnic lunch, a trip to the awesome Indoor park, Mall of America, out for dinner, games outside Vikings stadium, and to the game of course. Austin LOVED the entire day... until about 2 minutes into the actual game :) Then he asked if they could go. Ha!
On the other hand, I was home with Jaxon and Carson and we hit up the Air Show in town. While I thought the Thunderbirds were amazing and even brought to tears to my eyes at their amazing skills and representation, Jaxon was ready within about an hour of the whole afternoon. I think we may have switched our entertainment around on our two boys, oops :)  All in all, it was a great day and big reminder that we need to set times up more often of good one on one time with each of our boys. I loved the evening I had with just Jaxon while Carson slept and Dave got to really be with Austin with no distractions. Much needed for all of us I think. 
Thanks dad for planning such a fun day for Austin! Carson will be waiting in line for his turn in the cities soon enough! And don't worry boys... next time we will send Jaxon to the game while Austin and I find us something that has wheels or flies :)

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Kris Hoskinson said...

i LOVE austin's smile! so sweet.