Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby is 2 months!

Wow, 2 months since Carson has arrived. It has been such a blur for me. It seriously has gone so fast and such a variety of life we've had. Carson began life as a bit of a high maintenance baby, I have to admit. My first two were such calm and easy going babes. Carson was not so sure of everything those first few weeks. He wanted to nurse all the time, didn't sleep very well, and mostly just wanted to be held. Whew...this mama wasn't sure about some of her days!!! I pulled out my Baby Wise book and dug into that for a couple weeks trying to tweek his routine a bit. I worked really hard to have him eat, be awake for a bit, and then nap and then start that whole cycle over again. It took a few weeks, but we have gotten into a pretty decent cycle of that. I just really wanted to help him get some predictability in his life, so I could have a bit in mine too! He is sleeping pretty well at night now. Bed time between 8-9pm, nurse around 2ish, nurse around 5-6ish, and awake between 7-8. Not too bad for 2 months old. Sometimes he will just eat once at night even and those nights are so awesome! I love my sleep! Carson started smiling around 4 weeks pretty regularly and he's really started cooing back now. He makes good eye contact and I love seeing his face light up when he finds my eyes and sees my smile. His day time is going decent... not the best napper yet, but he is happy when he is awake, so that's not too bad. I can usually count on 1 good nap a day and the others are, well, all over. In his defense, he rarely gets to finish a nap since we leave twice a day to take and pick up Jaxon at school. Third child... just gonna have to be flexible :) Today he weighed in at 13lbs and 6oz, 23 1/2 in long! He is a growing boy! Life with Carson has already taught me so much. Perhaps I will post more on that on a later day. All in all, we have a sweet baby boy who is stretching my heart and filling it up each day he is here. I love him to pieces and am so thankful to be celebrating the life of another baby boy at 2 months old! His big brother Jaxon just adores him, Austin is starting to think he is kinda cool, and dad has even been caught a few times entertaining him :) Happy 2 months baby boy! We sure love you!

Carson...2 months old.
 Our little chunky monkey!
 So wide awake at 2 months and so alert. He's been a very alert baby from the very start!

 Carson and his buddy, Jace.... 7 weeks apart between them.

Austin below...
 Okay, our REAL chunky monkey!! This was Austin at 2 months old... look at his cheeks!?!?

Austin here again... mop of dark hair and more cheeks. Carson definitely resembles Austin, but a bit more on the smaller side of big :)

 Jaxon below... at 2 months
 Jaxon was a sweet baby with very calm mannerisms.
He also was one of the happiest, smiliest babies I have ever been around! look at those smiles at 2 months!

 A happy and chill Jaxon.

Carson again... 

This is Carson cooing and talking... he has been such a chatter bug, whether he is sleeping or awake, he likes to make little noises :) He is really starting to coo back and smile big when you talk super nice to him!

 He has a serious face too... :)


Holly said...

I love looking at all the pictures of your boys! Carson is a good mix of them! It was good seeing you today. Jaxon had an awesome game!

Maribeth said...

Precious, every one of them. And the little variations are evidence of God's creativity!