Friday, August 12, 2011

pie auction

For the last few years Jaxon has made a pie with my mom for the 4-H pie auction. Jaxon enjoys baking and it's a great cause to help out. We plan to have our boys in 4-H once they get a bit older and I like supporting the program while we wait for that day to come. I love what the program stands for and what it helps teach families together. We usually get out to the fair, but we had a new baby that week this year. Grandma took them for a quick morning trip over there to see the animals, but they would have enjoyed a bit more time! This year Austin got to help make a pie too... Grandma brought all the pie stuff and made it super easy to do while I just held my new baby :) I forgot to take a final picture, so all you get is their prep time. I heard they sold for a good price AND even better, they tasted good too! Good job boys and thanks Mom!!

(PS I am catching up on blog posts, so check my first few from today below :)

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Haley said...

JESS, I got to have a piece of Jaxon's expensive pie and it was DELICIOUS :) he did great!