Sunday, August 21, 2011

one last time

It's no secret that this mom and her boys spend as much time at the community pool that we can in the summer. I love having a nice pool in our town to take our kids to to spend time together, see friends, play in the water, and enjoy their childhood on lazy summer days. I hope my kids have fond memories of doing just that during their summers. At the pool I am not distracted by laundry, cleaning, and other random things at my house and can only play and watch my's a wonderful needed oasis :) Once Carson arrived I knew my time would be slim to none at the pool. I really didn't want my boys to have to miss out on the last month or so at the pool. We have had such awesome friends offer to take them and as a mom I have felt so blessed to have those other mom's and friends step in to make sure they were getting some fun pool time! I had to get to the pool one last time this summer with my crew. It was great. I waited til boys had napped, been fed, and off we went. We were meeting some friends there, so I knew I had some back-up help if and when needed!! I loved being able to play with my big boys at this stage in their childhood and hold onto their little hands as I pulled them around the water and tossed them in. Carson woke at the very end and I nursed him as the sun started to set and just breathed in the smell of summer all around me as I felt fall just beginning to come in. It was a perfect last summer pool day with my boys...all three of them :)  Thank you to my dear friends who have spent time with my big boys at the pool while this mom was cuddling and feeding a new babe at home! We'll be back in full force next June!!
One last time at the pool for the summer...

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jamie said...

jess you are such a good mom!