Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Year!

Wow, I can not believe the school year has kicked off already! This summer just flew by (though I did not feel that way about mid-July, 38 weeks preggo and 110 heat index! :)  This is the first year Jaxon wasn't totally excited to head back... he kind of wished for a few extra days off.  He was looking forward to seeing his friends though, a locker all to himself this year, and the new wing his classroom would be in. Second grade does come with a few perks for a 7 year old boy :)  We are happy to see him begin a new year with good friends in his class and a new set of things to learn and experience.

 To begin our school year we baked our "Back to School" cake together the day before... who doesn't get excited for cake?!?!

 "Back-Pack night"  We literally picked our two big kids up from the pool (they were there with friends) and went straight to Back Pack night... just seems weird to be swimming at the pool and then have to go to school. Sigh.... the final days of summer. Austin insisted on wearing his backpack too. He would have stayed if we would have let him I think?

 THE locker he has been talking about all summer! He looks so old standing next to a locker!!

 Night before school I make his favorite meal and then we celebrate with Back 2 School cake. Usually a grandparent or two can come and this year a few family friends stopped by to pray for and wish Jaxon a good year. As our kids enter school and our friends kids do, I have found it so important to cover them in prayer... prayers for them as individuals, their teachers, the school, his peers, safety at the school, the principals, and all the people that influence my child's day at school. As our kids spend more and more time in the schools I know the best thing I can do is pray for them as they go and learn life here away from home. We feel really blessed to have such a great school and friends and family who pray for our kids as well as they travel this path.

First day as a 2nd grader!!! Looking good, big boy! Happy School Year to you!!


Katie R. said...

I love how proud he looks in front of his locker! The last picture makes me a feel a little bittersweet, because it seems like yesterday, that picture was the first day of preschool with his spiked hair:)......sigh everyone is growing up too fast!!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

sooo crazy. how is he this old???