Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy, maybe?

You may finish reading this post and think I am the craziest mother out there. I think my husband would take your side on this one, even though it turned out very well, despite the risks involved :) 
So, this day started with a quick phone call from Dave's parents just a few days in advance asking if we wanted to go to Adventureland. Seems fun enough... a majority of the Brody clan was going and who wouldn't want a fun day with cousins and family at an adventure themed park? Well, Dave couldn't go and I had 3 boys on my own, including a 3 week old!! I was torn and had about 1 hour to make a decision. Hormones running high, mom guilt setting in from the last couple weeks of feeling like a boring mom and not doing enough fun things with my middle child, end of summer, school starting, hormones running high (oh, did I mention that!?!), trying to "do it all", and a bad decision maker these days and I found myself bawling for a good 20 minutes before I made a quick and final decision. One phone call to Dave's mom and I was committed. I was taking 3 kids, including my 3 week old to Adventureland in 3 days. Yikes! I had a pit in my stomach for the rest of that night and then woke up the next day and decided..."I was going to make this work and had a great group to go with to help me when I couldn't!!". I really wanted to do something fun with my big boys before summer ended and I really wanted Austin included in something fun outside the house. Jaxon has had lots of fun play dates since I had Carson and Austin has been a trooper and just hung out here a lot of the time. This could be a really fun day trip if all my ducks fell into a row!
Well, as you can see from WAY too many pictures on this post that we had a GREAT day!! Things timed really well for feedings for the babe, my big boys behaved awesome all day, I had amazing helpers, and the weather was perfect. I am so glad this crazy lady decided to go and I am just as thankful that the day went so well.  What a perfect ending to summer :)

 With in 5 minutes of getting into the park Jaxon rushed off with his cousins to find a ride! See him with his arms up...let the fun begin!

 Austin had his eye on the train ride and nothing else until he could sit on that train!!! Here's a bunch of the cousins waiting to board the train!

 All Aboard! Austin and cousin Myles :)

 So, Jaxon was onto bigger and faster rides then Austin...or me :) Austin however, LOVED the kiddie rides!

 He literally rode these trucks about 8 times!

 Some of the ever so helpful helpers!!! THANK YOU to G'pa and G'ma Brody for holding babies and filling in wherever and whenever needed!

 Another fave of Austin's... around and around he went on his sweet wheels :)

 G'pa was good at holding sleeping baby while I got to play with Austin... a much needed day for me and my middle boy!!!

 Cousins having fun!

 We looked like quite the caravan with all our strollers!! 2 singles and 2 doubles here and 1 was in action some place else! Holy little kids!!

 Jaxon was good about doing a few small rise with his brother... I sure appreciate his great Big Brother skills!

 Uncle Kyle made Jaxon's day SO FUN! Thank you Uncle Kyle for taking Jaxon (and all the big cousins) on the "big kid" rides. His day would have been much less fun without your help!

 We survived...and were all smiling when it was time to go home!  Thank you G'ma & G'Pa for treating us all to a fun family was great!!!

Austin's first choice of fun :)


Maribeth said...

Good for you, Jess! Way to "say yes"! What a perfect bookend to your summer.

Becky Bartlett said...

Looks like a fun trip! Sometimes the craziest yes' are the best ones. I was thinking the same thing going to adventureland 1 week before delivering Myka, but it was sooo worth it! Boaz liked the same rides as Austin!! :)

Holly said...

it definitely was a great day and I'm so glad you guys joined us. It'll be even more crazy next year when we are chasing Jazlyn and Carson! Hopefully we can plan it a little further in advance too - my bad! :)