Monday, August 8, 2011

2 weeks old

Carson is just a tad over 2 weeks old and we went to the doc today to have his first check-up. He weighed in at 8lb and 4 oz and 20 1/4in. I knew if I didn't blog this I would forget, so don't mind all my details if they get boring to you!! He is nursing every 2-3 hours right now and sleeps like a baby... asleep for a couple hours, awake for an hour or more, asleep, awake, and so on. Some nights are a bit foggy with cut-up sleep, but these days are short lived, so it's okay :)

As for the rest of us after 2 weeks... I think we are adjusting okay. I am loving my new baby boy, yet finding my way as a mom of 3 instead of 2 right now too. My hardest part has been feeling so stretched between 3 kids at very different ages. I miss my good one on one time with my big boys, but know I would miss my tiny baby if I didn't just hold him and nurse him now. I am hoping to get some big boy dates in soon, even just hanging in the backyard pool or a morning walk. I've snuck some of this in, but not enough. Jaxon has been my awesome helper and really seems to enjoy holding Carson and entertaining him when I need a shower or to make a meal. Austin is laid back enough to just kind of go with the punches right now and I'm thankful for that. Dave is getting very familiar with the grocery store aisles and sale days and running any errands I need done :) I've decided that during these 6 weeks off I am going to spend my time caring for and nurturing my 3 boys, cleaning the clothes we need to get by, and feeding them...  the rest of "life" can wait til we've had our "baby-moon" here at the Hansen house for a bit. Jaxon starts 2nd grade next week and summer is quickly turning into fall... life will snatch us back up before we know it!!

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