Friday, July 22, 2011

Thomas & Friends

115 degree days means this very pregnant mama is NOT spending much time outdoors, unless we are fully dunked in the pool! Wow, has it been HOT!?!? When this box arrived from the UPS man I couldn't help but figure out something to entertain my kids with it. Austin was napping and Jaxon helped paint the entire thing. Once Austin woke up we were able to create our very own Thomas Train. Austin loves Thomas and just trains in general, so he was pretty excited! He couldn't wait for it to dry and luckily this entertained my kids for a whole afternoon while we avoided the outdoors :) Austin's quiet little personality (yes, he has a very quiet, stick to himself side for those that can't believe that about a Hansen boy!) climbs in at times just to color or look at a book or just lay down or drive his cars in there. And Jaxon was such a sweet big brother wanting to get it done for him and so excited to show him the finished product. Just another simple summer day in our house... I love these days at home with my boys, 115 heat index or not!

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