Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a summer tradition

I love when Sturgis Falls rolls around every June. There are lots of laid back activities to go do with the family and friends. I try to get my boys out for the weekend for as much as their little hearts desire. A few favorite's are the parade, music in the park, food from the vendors in the park, the Fun Run, and the bike races. No bike races this year, but everything else was indulged in times two!! I also love the street fair, but leave this option for just my girlie self and a couple friends :) Next year we'll be chasing an almost 1 year old during our summer tradition!

 Parade watching with friends

 Austin's favorite... the fire truck!!
 After the parade...

 Fun Run

 Austin lining up... he wasn't so sure about getting on the start line. Then I told him he got cookies when he finished... he smiled and took off!

 Happy to find his dad at the finish line and his bag of cookies :)

And our other son... who could have cared less about the cookies. He was all run and no fun!! Okay, a little bit of fun... he takes anything competitive very seriously. He was quick to let us know he got first and wore his medal proudly :)  Could our boys be any different??? I love it!

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