Sunday, July 10, 2011

my little swimmers

I know I've said this before, but being a good swimmer is one of the goals I have set for our children. It ranks right up there as a life lesson well learned early on and used the rest of your life. Why? Because it seems we are always finding ourselves around water and I want our kids to be comfortable and strong in the water, as kids and as adults. It is good exercise and it is a good skill to have. So... I will fork over money every summer until I need to for them to learn the skills of being a good swimmer! We've started our boys in the local Rec swimming program at age 3 and they are doing great!  This was Jaxon's 5th summer of lessons and Austin's 1st. What fun!! Austin was so excited, it was too cute. Miss Jen has been teaching the 3-5 year olds for like 50 years and she is an exceptional swim teacher for these youngsters. It takes a firm but loving spirit to help these first timers get right in and learn the basics of water and she does it so well. Austin LOVED her and I was so glad.  Jaxon had a group this year that was more challenging, but who's better for a little challenge then our first born competitive child? They both did great and I'm happy to say they survived even the pouring rain days of lessons in that cold water so early in the morning. This was also the first year I scheduled the boys at the same time and I had probably one of my first of many times of feeling torn between my kids. We've always sat through and watched all of Jaxon's lessons and this year I was splitting time between two pools. I hated missing parts, but it is what I had to do. Ugh, the heart strings of a mom catch me off guard at times! I am however thankful I scheduled these BEFORE son #3 joined us! I will really be running from pool to pool in a few summers from now :)

 Miss Jen telling Austin he was a champion for putting his face in with eyes open!
Followed by a big hug...thanks Miss Jen for encouraging our newest swimmers!!

 First jump into the deeper waters... you know they trust their teachers when they are willing to jump in with no hesitations.

 Jaxon doing his front float for 1 minute. He loved that he had a BOY teacher this year :)

 Jaxon practicing life vest safety...

 last day! Great job boys!

 Austin doing his stretches... one thing I forget is how short our Austin boy is. It was so obvious the first day!

Our little swimmers!!


Becky Bartlett said...

Such great pictures... your boys are so fun. Reminded me I need to get Boaz in lessons this next spring/summer!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

love the stretching pic:)