Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fearfully & Wonderfully Made

 Last picture of Baby Carson in my tummy. 39 weeks and almost time to meet him!

 July 22nd we had our dear friend, Miss Natalie, come over for lunch and we headed to the hospital! She stayed with our boys and we checked in around noon ready to meet our third son. Our last photo as a family of four!

 The delivery went really, really well. I will never forget Jaxon running into the room shortly after he arrived saying "Carson...where is he?" with the biggest genuine grin on his face. It makes me melt every time I think of it. He climbed right up and wanted to hold him and has held him probably 100 times already.

 Carson Benjamin was born at 4:07pm and weighed 7lbs 11oz (exact same as Austin weighed) and was 20 in long. He has dark hair like his brothers did and his mama's dimples, like his brothers too. Most people have commented how much he looks like Austin...yet a more narrow or petite face like Jaxon had.
 Carson had his name picked out months ago, after a State capital search of name ideas, like Jaxon (Jackson, MI) and Austin (Austin, TX). Carson came from Carson City, NV. Benjamin came from our sweet little friend Ben that passed away last May and was Austin's little buddy. A reminder that God is a life-giver, ultimately and even through pain, He gives life. Carson is a welcomed life that we feel an incredible amount of thanks for and want to praise God for showing us life again through the miracle of a child.

 I was able to do skin to skin for the first hour he was born, so they waited to weigh him and here is a first shot of his little body after that.

 Proud Daddy!

 Our fresh new family of five... I love it.

 Requested to hold Carson again.... he's so proud :)

 Having two energetic little boys in a small hospital room can get tricky... we used the jacuzzi tub for fun one afternoon :)

 Austin didn't get too close at first... by day two he was willing to peek in and say hello.

 A sleepy baby after his first night of nursing all.... night....long. Literally. Thankfully that has slowed down some!

 Wide eyed baby boy!

 Getting ready to head home... my Hansen boys! I do not predict a boring life ahead of me :) Four of my most favorite people ever!!! Blessed to be wife and mom to this crew!

 Heading home...

 First Brothers picture :)

 They were excited to put him in the van... we got a play by play all the way home about what Carson was doing.

HOME! A beautiful sleeping baby boy... a sweet moment in our home. Every night as I lay my kids down to sleep, before I say goodnight, I tell them they are fearfully and wonderfully made. I couldn't help but lay Carson down and feel God's promise in my heart for this little one too. Fearfully and wonderfully made indeed! We love you Carson! Welcome to this crazy family!!


Becky Bartlett said...

He could not be more perfect...or more lucky to be born into such an amazing family! Love you all!

Krista said...

Absolutely adorable!! So glad to hear things went so well! I'm doing the math... lunch time (noonish) and baby arrives at 4:00... that means you had a QUICK delivery!!! :)

Jenna Grover said...

such a sweet post jess - what a beautiful family of 5!

Kris Hoskinson said...

what a great post and recap of an amazing day you'll never want to forget.

The Garvin's said...

I can't wait to meet him- he is PRECIOUS!!! Just looked at the pics that Holly took- it makes me want a newborn all over again... yes I just said that but he just melts my heart with all of his cuteness! :) Enjoy him!