Monday, July 11, 2011

Boys Only

Dave has told me before that he wanted to take his sons on a "man's trip" or "boys only" or "wild at heart" trip (whichever you want to call it) once they started to get old enough. I don't know if getting the news we were having another boy kicked this idea into gear this year, but shortly after we found out, he decided he wanted to do it this spring/summer! Originally he was going to take each son on their own one on one weekend away. Which was okay with me as I still had one boy with me at home for a little one on one time myself. However, our weekends were FULL all of May and June and he decided to take both boys at the same time. I won't lie... I felt a bit left out and was kinda bummed to have two full nights and 3days at home with no kids... that seems so weird to type as I should have been excited for alone time, but I miss my kids when I am away from them and it was REALLY odd being home without them! Though I know this was so good for them to have this time together and I love that my husband took the energy, time, money, and work to make it happen. Our boys were SO excited and had a blast! This year Dave found a great little cabin on Anna Lake in Minnesota. They went fishing, had access to a paddle boat the entire time, shared some yummy "man" meals, and spent some great boy time together. I think it is a great tradition he started and I know there will be another little boy wanting to join in on the fun in a few years when he is big enough. Both Jaxon and Austin talked about the trip leading up to it and when they got home they were full of fun stories and time with dad. 

And hey, I even was able to calm my anxious heart by the first night and enjoyed baths, 3 chic flick movies, read an entire book in two days, laid out in the sun, cleaned my house, organized the baby room, washed all the baby clothes and blankets, got my hair-cut, visited a couple friends, went to a dr appointment by myself, enjoyed Pablos, did my grocery shopping with a Starbucks in hand, cleaned out our pool, washed all the bedding, sorted garage sale items, bought the last of the baby stuff we needed, and got a couple long walks in! Wow, you can get a lot done with no kids around... maybe I won't mind this yearly "boys trip" after all :)

I sent my old camera with Jaxon and this is what he recorded below...  he also wrote a journal each night they were gone with great details of what they did and how they spent their days. First Man's trip was a success if you ask me!

(Jaxon wanted to take one last picture when he got home... he choose me reading his journal. I thought a rather funny view of baby boy in my tummy... and by the way, getting a detailed journal from my 7 year old was a high-light of the trip for me... Thanks Jaxon!!)


Becky Bartlett said...

Man, you were productive while they were away!! Sending a journal with them was such a great idea! Loved seeing the trip from Jaxon's perspective... clothes on the bed, the toilet, etc. :) What fun! Nice work, Dad!

Katie R. said...

Before I read the caption for the last picture, I couldn't figure out what it was! Love your boys, can't wait for the 4th to arrive!

Kris Hoskinson said...

i love the pic of your belly!!!