Thursday, July 14, 2011

almost to the end

Here we are... final weeks of this pregnancy. I feel like I just posted that we were having another boy on here! We have entered the "2 week time frame" start of when baby boy COULD arrive, but no promises. Both our boys came 9 and 10 days I'm trying to be prepared in case that happens again, yet keep my mindset open to the possibility of it being past the due date too. You never know!With the heat and humid forecast though, I wouldn't mind going early :)  The last week or so I have so enjoyed some one on one time with just my two boys. I know this dynamic will change very soon and I cherish some final moments with just them at this stage. I am so excited to bring baby boy home too and am sure life will move forward beautifully between us as we bond with our newest member.  I love how families just mold as their hearts are opened up for more members. God is good that way!

Being only days away (I think) I have found myself doing the normal "nesting". Cleaning house, washing bedding, cleaning out closets, cleaning the garage some, cleaning the van, preparing some freezer meals, stocking the freezer with quick meals (bought my first frozen pizzas since probably last time I had a baby, if then?), paying any unpaid bills, cleaning up my email, organizing toy area, packing hospital bags, finalizing plans for when baby comes for our boys, reorganizing storage area, charging video camera and camera batteries, typing up boy's schedule, setting up pack n play in our bedroom, adjusting baby car seat, getting the dog's hair cut, cutting my kids hair, scrubbing the bath-tub,washing nursing bras, putting away too small maternity clothes, hmmmmm.... that's it so far :) I think I have nested!!  I have given myself a pass on my gardens this year... they are over grown, weedy, and a bit out of control. They are the one space on this property that I just can't let myself get worked up over... they will come back next year and I will just dive in then. Between the heat and bending over to work in them it just ain't gonna happen!!!

Alright... 38 weeks, well nested, and feeling pretty full.... this better be the end :) We are excited to meet our newest Hansen boy! Any guesses on his birthday???

My sis-in-law took some photos of my belly before it is gone! Here it is at 37.5 weeks! Whoa mama!! (Thank you Holly!!!)

And don't forget Jaxon's great photography. He has done a great job capturing this pregnancy in photos for me!! Thanks buddy!!
(37 weeks here)


Holly said...

yes - I'd say you are well nested!! That list is crazy! Can't wait to meet you, baby boy!

Manfulls said...

You are a gorgeous mama!
Ok I still don't know if I am reading this right... you don't buy frozen pizzas!? ha that is a common staple at our household :)

Becky Bartlett said...

NIce work!! The new photos are so beautiful

heidi said...

Hey, lady! Love the photos, agree with Holly about that crazy list, and totally get wanting to soak up the last days with just the two boys. I remember that, too. Can't wait to hear the news!