Saturday, June 25, 2011

little chef

My love for baking comes naturally... I have many memories as a child spending time in my grandmother's kitchen's helping and watching them bake, as well as my mom's as they all prepared yummy creations. My grandmother's have passed on their knowledge of home-made goodies, hospitality, and preparing good food for large gatherings. I treasure this from the older and wiser women in my family. One thing I learned years ago was that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. While I adapt this idea to just about anyone, I find it to be mostly true. Bring anyone to your table and feed them well and they usually can feel the love that comes from preparing a good home cooked meal right in the middle of their heart :) I always assumed I would pass this onto my daughters someday, but so far God has blessed me with wonderful boys...and guess what? They seem to enjoy the kitchen as much as I do when I include them in whatever we are making! I love spending time baking with my boys and  hope someday they will be whipping up some fine goodies and meals for their future wives!

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Holly said...

i love his little finger pointing and "reading" the package. Too cute!