Monday, June 13, 2011

Last day

 My Learn and Play group on their last day! Our class of 6 shrunk down to 4 by the last month... one friend moved in December and another moved in April. It was a lot of fun to teach these little ones this last school year and it went so fast! I forgot how much I do enjoy teaching a group of young ones and seeing them progress through out the year. I am so proud of the steps they took towards being independent little learners and friends. Austin will miss his buddies next year, as I don't think I can swing teaching from home with a least not very well :)

 We partied it up, pool style for our last day! Fun water play, fun snacks, and fun games! Yahoo...summer break is here!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Oh, Jess... these pictures are so great. If you think of it, email me a copy of that top one on the steps! Boaz would love a copy of that. He will miss you all so much, too! Thanks for such a wonderful year... you are the BEST!!