Thursday, June 23, 2011

growing babies (and mama's)

Back in December on a very cold evening I found Holly in her den at her house during a family gathering to share the news we were having a baby... we still weren't telling people, but I really wanted to tell one of my closest sisters and friends. As I blurted out our news she came back with a "SO AM I"!! She was a week ahead of me! We cried, squealed like little girls, laughed, hugged  a lot, and just thanked God. I was so excited to share this sort of amazing time with her. Now here we are in the warm months of summer...weeks away from meeting these little miracles we've been carrying around for the last 9 months. She is 36 weeks and I am 35 weeks... baby girl and baby boy will join us soon :) We can't wait!


Becky Bartlett said...

What fun! This is a great picture of both of you!!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you two gals! Can't wait!! Jane E.