Friday, June 17, 2011

34 weeks!

Wow! Here we are cruising into the final weeks of this pregnancy! It really has gone fairly fast... now that summer has arrived it is really flying by. I am officially 34 weeks this week and after my last two appointments, am consistently measuring a week bigger. Had an ultra sound today to check on baby's growth and he is showing 5lbs and 9oz already. Yikes, better slow down on the Popsicles :) His heart beat today was  a strong 159 and it was so fun to see his chubby cheeks on the screen. I think his chubby face looks like Austin!

A few things I want to remember about this pregnancy... the MANY comments I get about swallowing a basketball (yes, I know my stomach looks like I ate an enlarged basketball and left it to carry around with me), sharing appointment comments with my also lovely pregnant sis-in-law after every appointment we have!, hearing my boys call him by his name and excited to have him "come out", the random numb hips I have and the now numb arms I get through out the day (1st time for numb arms too), feeling him kick me in the upper left side of my ribs after every meal I eat, the little tush that he pushes up against my mid-section when I assume he doesn't like how I am sitting, Avery randomly lifting my shirt up to "see Baby Hansen" but she says his name :), he's only had the hiccups once that I have noticed (Austin had them all the time in my tummy), the not so lovely spider veins I have on my left ankle (hoping those don't stick around!), sandwiching between my two boys right before they fall asleep and having them put their arms around me to feel the baby brother moving or say goodnight to him, the way my dog lays his head right on my tummy :)

This sweet boy is almost ready to make his appearance. Such a blessing! We're getting excited and for the most part are ready...I think? I actually forgot what I was supposed to take to the hospital and had to look up on-line for a list, HA! After 3 you'd think I'd remember! Looking forward to these final weeks... anticipating our little baby boy and spending some good one on one time with my first two Handsome Hansen boys!!!

  33 weeks pregnant

 our chubby cheeked handsome Hansen :)  (side view, nose in middle and hand up by his face)


Katie R. said...

can't wait to meet him, and kiss on those cheeks:)

Becky Bartlett said...

One of the cutest pregnant women I know!! Can't wait for him to make an appearance... almost there!!!

Kris Hoskinson said...

love the ultrasound face. ohhh can't wait to meet that little face:) and by the way, you look hot in the green dress. no tent for you!