Thursday, June 30, 2011

a baby ago...

I came across this as I was cleaning off my desktop. Dave's sister had given me some old pictures and I forgot I had these saved on here. Here was our family 4 summers ago... Dad, Mom with baby Austin in womb, and Jaxon. My, my how we all have grown :) (Okay, Dave looks the same, but the rest of us have grown!) What fun to look back! What fun to add babies to our family!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

little chef

My love for baking comes naturally... I have many memories as a child spending time in my grandmother's kitchen's helping and watching them bake, as well as my mom's as they all prepared yummy creations. My grandmother's have passed on their knowledge of home-made goodies, hospitality, and preparing good food for large gatherings. I treasure this from the older and wiser women in my family. One thing I learned years ago was that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. While I adapt this idea to just about anyone, I find it to be mostly true. Bring anyone to your table and feed them well and they usually can feel the love that comes from preparing a good home cooked meal right in the middle of their heart :) I always assumed I would pass this onto my daughters someday, but so far God has blessed me with wonderful boys...and guess what? They seem to enjoy the kitchen as much as I do when I include them in whatever we are making! I love spending time baking with my boys and  hope someday they will be whipping up some fine goodies and meals for their future wives!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

growing babies (and mama's)

Back in December on a very cold evening I found Holly in her den at her house during a family gathering to share the news we were having a baby... we still weren't telling people, but I really wanted to tell one of my closest sisters and friends. As I blurted out our news she came back with a "SO AM I"!! She was a week ahead of me! We cried, squealed like little girls, laughed, hugged  a lot, and just thanked God. I was so excited to share this sort of amazing time with her. Now here we are in the warm months of summer...weeks away from meeting these little miracles we've been carrying around for the last 9 months. She is 36 weeks and I am 35 weeks... baby girl and baby boy will join us soon :) We can't wait!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodbye First Grade

I can not believe we have a 2nd grader in our house! Once they hit school it seems like the years are just flying by. Jaxon had a great year in first grade. We continue to feel blessed with such a good school, teachers, and community of people surrounding him. Jaxon really is a natural student... he loves to go to school, enjoys learning, likes being with his peers, and makes school just plain fun! We were super proud of the progress he made this last year as a learner, as a friend, and as a leader. It is so fun to listen him to read like crazy these days and he has figured math out that I struggle with :) He's gone from being walked up to school everyday to jumping out and heading into class all by himself, as well as doing things like homework every night and keeping track of his school responsibilities. He has grown so much! I love that I can still be a part of his day by getting in the classroom some and getting to take him to school each day as well as pick him up. It was great to meet and get to know some more parents this year. Wow, school!!! Some days I still can't believe I have a kid in school :) We are excited for 2nd grade and Jaxon is especially looking forward to his own locker and the new wing next year. It will be here in a blink of an eye! So here is our goodbye to first grade.... thank you for a great year!

 Last week...Field Day... it was a fun HOT afternoon with all the kids.

 More Field Day... Jaxon loved it! (it was 10 different games...perfect for our competitive boy, he took it all very seriously :)

Last Day of First grade
 Picking him up after school... Austin loves to wave goodbye to him each morning from the van and we always pray for him as he runs up to school...  after school Austin waits patiently for big brother to come out and play or go home for an afternoon snack!

Last day with some buddies...
 Gabe R, Jaxon, and Austin on our way home

And to celebrate...  we headed straight to the POOL! Nothing kicks off summer then starting at the pool on a 90 degree day! Hello, summer break!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day!

Our boys are so blessed with a really great dad! They just adore him and love spending time with him. I know there is something special between Dad's and their sons and it is a gift to get a front row seat to watch these relationships grow. I want to thank our special Dad today for going the extra mile to make our family fun, together, strong, cared for, and special. Happy Father's Day, babe!!! You're the best!

(Side note... the above picture is from the start of their "Wild at Heart" trip... Dave took the boys on a "man trip" this weekend and I am so excited to hear all about it! A post of it's own coming soon! A tradition in the making :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

34 weeks!

Wow! Here we are cruising into the final weeks of this pregnancy! It really has gone fairly fast... now that summer has arrived it is really flying by. I am officially 34 weeks this week and after my last two appointments, am consistently measuring a week bigger. Had an ultra sound today to check on baby's growth and he is showing 5lbs and 9oz already. Yikes, better slow down on the Popsicles :) His heart beat today was  a strong 159 and it was so fun to see his chubby cheeks on the screen. I think his chubby face looks like Austin!

A few things I want to remember about this pregnancy... the MANY comments I get about swallowing a basketball (yes, I know my stomach looks like I ate an enlarged basketball and left it to carry around with me), sharing appointment comments with my also lovely pregnant sis-in-law after every appointment we have!, hearing my boys call him by his name and excited to have him "come out", the random numb hips I have and the now numb arms I get through out the day (1st time for numb arms too), feeling him kick me in the upper left side of my ribs after every meal I eat, the little tush that he pushes up against my mid-section when I assume he doesn't like how I am sitting, Avery randomly lifting my shirt up to "see Baby Hansen" but she says his name :), he's only had the hiccups once that I have noticed (Austin had them all the time in my tummy), the not so lovely spider veins I have on my left ankle (hoping those don't stick around!), sandwiching between my two boys right before they fall asleep and having them put their arms around me to feel the baby brother moving or say goodnight to him, the way my dog lays his head right on my tummy :)

This sweet boy is almost ready to make his appearance. Such a blessing! We're getting excited and for the most part are ready...I think? I actually forgot what I was supposed to take to the hospital and had to look up on-line for a list, HA! After 3 you'd think I'd remember! Looking forward to these final weeks... anticipating our little baby boy and spending some good one on one time with my first two Handsome Hansen boys!!!

  33 weeks pregnant

 our chubby cheeked handsome Hansen :)  (side view, nose in middle and hand up by his face)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6 and counting...

Jaxon has been losing teeth since last summer and he has officially lost his two front teeth. It's funny to watch him eat right now... he takes bites from the side of his mouth, certain words have a little different sound coming from them right now, and his grin is pure toothless :)  He has seemed so old as I listen to some of my friends tell me about their teething babies and toddlers, all while mine is losing all those teeth he worked so hard to get in 6-7 years ago! He is getting so many ways. He is on 6 missing teeth as of today and one is working it's way loose as I type. I can't imagine him with his adult teeth coming in the front this summer! Crazy! The boys sleep together and I don't know who is more excited for the "tooth fairy" to come each time... Jaxon or Austin?!?! That darn tooth fairy forgot a couple nights... apparently if they don't show up the first night they pay double or triple once they finally do come! oops :-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last day

 My Learn and Play group on their last day! Our class of 6 shrunk down to 4 by the last month... one friend moved in December and another moved in April. It was a lot of fun to teach these little ones this last school year and it went so fast! I forgot how much I do enjoy teaching a group of young ones and seeing them progress through out the year. I am so proud of the steps they took towards being independent little learners and friends. Austin will miss his buddies next year, as I don't think I can swing teaching from home with a least not very well :)

 We partied it up, pool style for our last day! Fun water play, fun snacks, and fun games! Yahoo...summer break is here!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

here comes the sun

One of my favorite times of year is now... when the sun comes out early in the morning and stays up all day long until we have exhausted ourselves from being outside all day and fall into bed at night... rosy cheeked, warm skin, freshly bathed, and lay on crisp clean white cotton sheets. Ahhhh, summer! Every summer I invest in a cheap pool for the backyard and our kids (as well as others) splash and play in it all summer! I love the sounds of them out there and even get in to play at times. I hope my kids have fond summer memories when they think back to being a kid and love the outdoors as much as I do this time of year. 
Being almost 9 months pregnant during some of these humid days has about done me in a few times already, but I wouldn't trade them :)

Being 9 months preggo also gives me a good excuse to sit back and enjoy this view as my boys play away!! :) Feels good! Welcome summer time!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

You know you've had fun when...

... you get home and your feet look like this :-)  It's defiantly summer and we're defiantly taking baths every night!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

one of my favorite things...

Two very sweet brothers sleeping soundly after a long fun day playing out in the sunshine...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

UNI Greenhouse

Until I had a UNI student who majored in biology live with us I didn't even know the UNI Greenhouse was open to the public! Even better, it is free! It is a small greenhouse, but it is perfect for little ones and introducing plants, gardening, and the idea behind "growing things" to them. I took the boys last summer and they liked it, so I took my little Learn and Play group for a field trip last week to the greenhouse. It was pouring rain, but I think they had fun walking with their umbrellas to our destination. If you are looking for a cheap "filler" for the kids, check it out! There is a cozy outside patio spot perfect for a snack time too! Austin was so excited because Brother had a field trip the same week and he loved that he could talk about his too :)