Thursday, May 26, 2011

planting a rainbow

I have a love for gardening and even though my flower beds and veggie gardens are not what I would do since we inherited a forest of things after buying this house, I still enjoy each season of making it more and more ours. We have lived here over 7 years now and are still working each spring to create the flower gardens and vegetable space that we want. With young tots it is a job that is going to take years! If you saw our home space the first year we lived here you know we have had some success in getting ahead of our wildly growing horticulture! :)  

I love passing on the fun of planting things to my kids and any other kids that hang out here a little bit during this time of year. My boys have learned a lot and had fun watching plants start as seeds, helping transplant them, and then watering through out the summer to finally harvest some yummy items in the late summer and fall. Jaxon is finally old enough that most days he takes on watering flowers duty all by himself.... bonus of having older kids!! :-) Of course the teacher in me waste no time using this activity to apply to their own faith lives. There are lots of opportunities to teach on the parable of the seed and talk to them about "feeding" themselves, just as we feed our plants. It's a great lesson in growing things and ourselves!

I have many plant growing books, but Austin loves Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. So we've done just that here lately... planted our own little rainbow. What a sweet season with two young boys and making memories getting dirty as we plant our rainbow!

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Becky Bartlett said...

You're going to make me have to start gardening and planting! Boaz loves all the fun you have doing it!! :)