Tuesday, May 31, 2011

snuggle buddies :)

This is how I found these two, plus the dog, one day last week. I was finishing putting away our food from lunch that needed to go into the fridge and I asked them to find their blankie's and binkies so we could read books before nap. We usually cozy into one of their beds and read together or find a spot on the couch. It got REALLY quiet so I walked around the corner and found them here :) Binkies popped in mouths, blankies covering them up, and snuggled in with each other. They were ready for nap and wanted to lay on the chair that day with the dog too! It was so cute I almost said yes.....   but only for about 3 seconds before the realistic outcome sat in on my mind and we found our way to the beds! I love the little friendships Austin has and the one with his best buddy Avery just always makes me smile in every way. I hope they always make room to snuggle into each other's life a little bit.


Katie R. said...

love love love these two:(

Katie R. said...

whoops that was supposed to be a happy face:)

Kris Hoskinson said...

sooo cute!!!