Monday, May 2, 2011

Goodbye Friend!

We're sad to say goodbye to our good buddy, Jakey, who is moving this week :( The last two years exactly our neighbor boy has been coming here for daycare. He's been a great little buddy for Austin and a sweet addition to Austin and Aves here at our house. I feel sad for Austin as not only his daycare buddy is leaving, but he's also our only neighborhood friend!! Austin and Jakey played great together... loved trucks, the sandbox, playing "polar bears", racing cars, riding bikes, running circles around our "loop", watching movies, baking with me, reading books, and just having fun. They really got along great! I'm going to miss my little trio that has been my daily routine the last couple years, but with every new door that closes a new one opens...while I will miss the easiness of this trio I am so excited for the next bunch of kids that will gather here... including some very new additions!!! (BABIES! :)  My heart always gets stretched when new little ones become a part of this family for a bit and Jakey was no exception. I will miss his silly sweet face.

We will all miss you Jakey! Have fun in your new house in your new town!!!

 Scratch Bakery for his last day snack :)

 The four of them being silly... :)

The Trio of Toddlers :)

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