Saturday, April 23, 2011

weekend away

 It's not very often our family goes away for a weekend. We take a couple MN weekend's away a year usually and that's really about it. Dave's job doesn't let us get too far from home most weekends, so when an opportunity came up for us to head to DSM together I jumped on it! We didn't do much other than visit my aunt and hang out as a family. It was really nice actually. No phones, Internet, much of a TV, chores to do, work to go to, or errands to run. We literally just hung out. It was awesome! I am a big fan of weekends away every once in awhile. I mean lets be realistic, chores DO have to get done, errands won't run themselves, and well, Dave does have to go to work :) But, every now and then a little break from it all sounds pretty nice! We enjoyed a weekend of 75 degree weather, the zoo, 2 parks, and just playing in my aunt's backyard. Beautiful!

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