Thursday, April 14, 2011

my blankie/binkie boy :)

I snapped this just a couple weeks ago... Austin has been our little blankie and binkie boy for so long. You can see his green blanket tucked in under him and his favorite binkie popped in his mouth. The binkie is mostly for just nap and bed times now, but the blankie still goes with him a lot of places. From an early stage he chose that green blankie on his own. He always reached for it, rubbed it, chose that one. He loves it! It is so sweet. The binkie will be going soon, but I had to remind myself of my sweet blankie and binkie boy before we put an end to at least one of them. I don't care if he takes the blanket with him to college, but I think the binkie may cause some concerns if that went with him too :)


The Nelson Family said...

jess - i'm right with you having a blanket binky boy! denver has a yellow blanket he adores. he plays with it, rubs the edges when he's tired or going to sleep, carries it all around the house. i didn't think i would let him have the binky once he was two, but he still likes it when he's going to sleep. it's so sweet to see those little eyes droop as soon as he's in bed, has his binky in his mouth and blanket in his hand. i'm glad someone else has an "older" boy still using both!:)

Kris Hoskinson said...

love that little boy:)

Katie R. said...

I think I will be almost as sad as you when his binky goes.....can't we wait til kindergarten????? Love this little man to pieces:)