Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Future Panther?

One thing we love about living in a college town is having some athletic events to attend through out the year. Since having kids we've become bigger Panther fans just because it is fun to take our boys to football and basketball games! Some of the athletes recently held their yearly Junior Panther All Sports Camp in the Dome. Jaxon got to try many different stations and hang out with some of the athletes at each of them... track, golf, volleyball, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and wrestling. He was a little shy at first, but found a couple familiar faces and loved the morning! Even better...it was all FREE! :-) Other than the fact that he rubbed elbows with a boy who's family had strep back home and came down with strep himself 2 days later...it was a well spent Saturday morning for Jaxon and the whole fam!
 Pizza at the end of camp!

 Jaxon and his buddy, Cameron!

 Jaxon and TC

Hanging out watching Brother :) I think the younger two boys will be doing a lot of hanging out and watching Big Brother the next few years at various sports events!!

Still working on our God's Mountain Spring Break post... coming soon, my pictures are taking a long time to upload!

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