Thursday, April 21, 2011

Firefighter Darwin

Recently I had a dear friend of ours, firefighter Darwin, come visit my Learn and Play class. We had been learning about Community Helpers and fire fighter's was our last helper to learn about. Austin was SO excited when I said firefighter Darwin was coming! Every fire truck we drive by or see, fire station we drive by, or firefighter video we view he assumes firefighter Darwin is there or in it or on it! Since Darwin visited Austin has pretended he is firefighter Darwin and drives his fire truck around the house putting fires out with nothing but his undies and his red firefighter hat on. Austin loves his trucks, needless to say he was a bit disappointed when Darwin did not pull into our driveway in HIS fire truck (the kids kept asking where it was !?!?), but I promised a visit to Darwin's real firetruck sometime this summer :) How cool to have a real firefighter visit you at your house!! Thanks Firefighter Darwin for coming straight from a fire to see the little friends here!!


Becky Bartlett said...

Yes! Thank you firefighter Darwin! We've been playing a lot of 'fireman' around here, too! What a great idea, Jess!!

wb94 said...

I think Firefighter Darwin is awesome, too. He loves sharing his job with kids, and appreciated the invite!

Maribeth said...

Oh, Will's going to love that I just accidentally made that comment under his Google account-- I'm sure he thinks Firefighter Darwin is awesome, too, just not in the same way as I do. : )