Tuesday, April 19, 2011

25 weeks

 Mama at 25 weeks

Baby boy is just a growing! As is mama! I can't believe I am half way through carrying this little peanut. I am finally feeling really good, normal almost, except for the expanded waist line :) My energy is coming back, my appetite is very healthy (actually I am hungry all the time right now!!), I am sleeping decent if I go to bed at a good hour, and I even snuck in a little sun last weekend to help with my pregnancy "glow". The kids are getting excited to meet our little man and Austin talks about him everyday. He loves to tell me how he will play with his new brother, where he will sleep, lift my shirt up to see the belly, and tell people about his new brother. Jaxon has been wondering lately what his nick name will be... we have Brother and Monster... guess we'll have to see what he's like :) I am actually 26 weeks this week, so a bit behind with the picture, but all the same just maybe a bit bigger tummy. I did a bad, bad job of taking pictures with my first two pregnancy's and I wanted to be sure to capture this one. It amazes me what our bodies do to carry new life. Growing babies is good!

P.S. I had to have a picture with my gray sweatpants. I live in these things these days!!! I'm sure my husband is amused :)


Jenna Grover said...

you look so adorable jess! i hear ya on the sweat pants, i have one pair, wait let me rephrase that, i have been borrowing a pair of my hubby's sweat pants the last few weeks now:)

Laura Hoy said...

Just perusing your blog a little tonight. Love the pics and the chronicles of the Hansen family! I don't see you much around, so this is one way I can watch your baby expand your belly! Glad you're feeling well! And sweat pants, I love 'em even when not pregnant!