Monday, March 21, 2011

new beginnings

Some of you know I have two little one's that I watch in our home during the week. This has been a wonderful set-up for our family the last couple years. The extra children we have are sweet additions to our everyday life and Austin has absolutely loved the special play buddies he has come over. We recently found out one of our favorite pals will be moving out of town the end of April :( We are super sad to see him go and even worse they are some of our best neighbors too!! We know they have an exciting new beginning to start in their childhood home-town and are happy for them though! However, we also will be looking for a new beginning!! As of now I am currently looking to fill a fairly full time spot for a little one close to Austin's age... if you know of anyone or may be interested yourself please feel free to contact me. Leave a comment or email me at

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