Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been 7 years!?!?

Our first born is SEVEN years old! It does not feel like he should be this old already, yet I can't possibly remember life before him. Jaxon has been a wonderful first born son to us. He was an amazing baby, a fun toddler, an outgoing and energetic little boy, and is becoming a great big brother. He is responsible, funny, persistent, smart, handsome, full of life, and just a great 7 year old little boy. I know I am biased, but I love him to pieces and he's one of the greatest kids I've ever known :) For his 7th birthday we celebrated a week early since we are heading back to God's Mountain Camp over his actual birthday. He's really excited to go and I'm looking forward to all life brings us through him as a 7 year old.

We double did it this year with two parties in one day. His friends party and a family party. Holy buckets.... what was I thinking!?!? By the second part of the birthday hoopla I was so tired, but it was well worth it. He had a great party day and we enjoyed everyone who could celebrate with us.

This year we tried something new... we went some where for his friends party. the bowling alley turned out to be a great spot to host a bunch of 6-8 year olds!! It also was an easy cake to make this year :)
I did my best to get some good shots, but they just move waaaaayyyy to fast for my camera! Boys, boys, boys...

Jaxon and a good buddy, Eli.
More action...
The gang this year...
Time for snacks and cake! Might I add it was a very small room with a lot of very loud rowdy boys!! I am so glad I have a couple friends tag along each year to help with damage control :)
Opening gifts..
This is the boys singing happy birthday... it was beautiful.... or not :) It made me laugh!!
We went straight home to start making home-made pizzas for our family party. We have home-made pizza almost every Friday night so we kept the tradition and just multiplied it. Jaxon loves pizza nights!
I think he opens a football every year... and I think he wears it out by the time he has another birthday so he always needs the next one!! :)
Our birthday boy! Happy 7th Birthday, Jaxon! You are my favorite 7 year old and we love you so much!!!!


jamie said...

Dave smile you big nerd!

Kris Hoskinson said...

happy birthday JAXON! we love you! btw, that party looked amazing. sooo many boys. ahh the fact you will be having soooo many BOY parties. :)