Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it keeps going...and going...

It feels like this winter just keeps going and going... seriously, I asked Dave today even if it has been an unusually long winter or if I am filled with cabin fever like never before? Sigh... I think a mix of early pregnancy symptoms, sick boys more than once, and too many cold days to keep us indoors to count has given me some Iowa cabin fever. Last week we were 5 hours south of here and the open windows, t-shirt days, and sun shiny afternoons have made me want spring here more than ever!! I am running out of fun ideas for the kids... I think it is time to be done with winter :)

 We do a lot of cooking and baking together on these dreary cold days... the crew usually doesn't mind the treats around the house :)

 The kids love it when I pull out the bag of balls... we do a variety of things with them, but I think their fave is filling the pool up and just jumping in!

 More cooking...  making some pizza dough ahead of time with one of my favorite helpers :)

 Building forts... any box large enough to crawl in gets turned into many things... a boat, a house, a post office, a puppet show, an airplane.

 When Dave comes home the kids run to the door "DAVE". Dave usually sits and reads the paper at the end of the day and one day I came into the room just after Dave had left it... Miss Avery took over for him, must of thought that sports page had something good on it :)

 Jaxon spends a lot more time at his desk on these colder days... once he can be outside this chair will get pretty dusty :)

 Even the dog is tired of just laying around! She's been on this spot for months!

 More box play... today they wrapped themselves up and it was a present for me... just what I always wanted... two boys and a....well, the two boys part is true... the dog is still up for grabs :)

And what better to do than end a day cuddled with your favorite brother :)  I will admit... flannel sheets, warm jammies, and a good snuggle buddy make for good winter night sleeping!!

Alright, I am officially ready for winter to get going.... going.... and be gone!

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photography by emily said...

What a wonderful place for my little girl to be... especially in the long winter months (our house gets a wee bit boring)... she loves baking with her Tuesday morning friends! And my heart melted as I watched Austin, Avery, and Jacob wave to her out the window and blow her kisses last week. So wonderful!