Wednesday, March 9, 2011

goodbye Tom Brady

 Jaxon decided back this fall that he wanted to grow his hair out... like Tom Brady. We went through the shaggy stage, the in between stage, and the just plain ugly stage. A few weeks ago he hit the "really looks good now" stage. I actually started to love it! Then he came home one day and said "I want my hair cut really short, now!" I gave him a day or two to think about it and he decided he still wanted it cut. I was kind of sad to buzz it all off. I cut it and the next morning he woke up and told me it was not short enough. So then I REALLY cut it!! goodbye Tom Brady do!! Hello summer buzz!

AFTER (the 1st time)

That is a lot of hair off a little boy!!

And then I really buzzed it, but haven't taken a picture yet! It's just hair....we can grow Tom Brady again :)

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