Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new hoops

For Jaxon's birthday he got a new basketball hoop! He has been playing on the little Fisher Price one since he was about 2 years old. He is not a kid who really asks for things much... even at gift times (birthday, Christmas) he doesn't really have a list and we just kind of get him things as we see needed or what we think he may really like. The few times we've asked him what would like he just shrugs says "oh I don't know...something sports related". Well, we decided it was time to move up to some real hoops! 
We surprised him after Awanas a few days early and he was so excited... until he saw the pile of pieces that had to be put together first :)  With the promise of a good home cooked meal Dave convinced a buddy from work to come the next night and help (aka... put together) the basketball hoop. (Thank you Chris!!!)
Jaxon is found out in the drive-way everyday now shooting hoops and playing some ball. I envision many years ahead of us with the sound of the ball hitting the pavement and many games out front. Our boy is growing up... have fun, Jaxon!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

double the fun!

This pregnancy is so special because I have so many friends and family pregnant at the same time! It's very neat to share this time with people so close to you. I have felt very left out of this experience with friends and family as we tried for so long to make babies over the years, so when it finally happens and then there are some of those friends and family pregnant too, it is double the fun and such an amazing time for me!!!  I have especially enjoyed this round of growing a baby with my sister (in-law), Holly! We are SO excited to have babies together!! I'll never forget when I told her I was pregnant and she just looked back at me and said "me too"! I was thrilled for both of us and these new additions. We are almost exactly one week apart... she is almost 24 weeks right now and I am almost 23 weeks along. She is growing a sweet little girl and I am carrying a special baby boy. We were cracking up at how high she is carrying and how low I am. Her tummy nestles perfectly on top of mine. Hee-hee... Cousins hanging out together already :) Can't wait to meet them and watch them grow up together!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it keeps going...and going...

It feels like this winter just keeps going and going... seriously, I asked Dave today even if it has been an unusually long winter or if I am filled with cabin fever like never before? Sigh... I think a mix of early pregnancy symptoms, sick boys more than once, and too many cold days to keep us indoors to count has given me some Iowa cabin fever. Last week we were 5 hours south of here and the open windows, t-shirt days, and sun shiny afternoons have made me want spring here more than ever!! I am running out of fun ideas for the kids... I think it is time to be done with winter :)

 We do a lot of cooking and baking together on these dreary cold days... the crew usually doesn't mind the treats around the house :)

 The kids love it when I pull out the bag of balls... we do a variety of things with them, but I think their fave is filling the pool up and just jumping in!

 More cooking...  making some pizza dough ahead of time with one of my favorite helpers :)

 Building forts... any box large enough to crawl in gets turned into many things... a boat, a house, a post office, a puppet show, an airplane.

 When Dave comes home the kids run to the door "DAVE". Dave usually sits and reads the paper at the end of the day and one day I came into the room just after Dave had left it... Miss Avery took over for him, must of thought that sports page had something good on it :)

 Jaxon spends a lot more time at his desk on these colder days... once he can be outside this chair will get pretty dusty :)

 Even the dog is tired of just laying around! She's been on this spot for months!

 More box play... today they wrapped themselves up and it was a present for me... just what I always wanted... two boys and a....well, the two boys part is true... the dog is still up for grabs :)

And what better to do than end a day cuddled with your favorite brother :)  I will admit... flannel sheets, warm jammies, and a good snuggle buddy make for good winter night sleeping!!

Alright, I am officially ready for winter to get going.... going.... and be gone!

Monday, March 21, 2011

new beginnings

Some of you know I have two little one's that I watch in our home during the week. This has been a wonderful set-up for our family the last couple years. The extra children we have are sweet additions to our everyday life and Austin has absolutely loved the special play buddies he has come over. We recently found out one of our favorite pals will be moving out of town the end of April :( We are super sad to see him go and even worse they are some of our best neighbors too!! We know they have an exciting new beginning to start in their childhood home-town and are happy for them though! However, we also will be looking for a new beginning!! As of now I am currently looking to fill a fairly full time spot for a little one close to Austin's age... if you know of anyone or may be interested yourself please feel free to contact me. Leave a comment or email me at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been 7 years!?!?

Our first born is SEVEN years old! It does not feel like he should be this old already, yet I can't possibly remember life before him. Jaxon has been a wonderful first born son to us. He was an amazing baby, a fun toddler, an outgoing and energetic little boy, and is becoming a great big brother. He is responsible, funny, persistent, smart, handsome, full of life, and just a great 7 year old little boy. I know I am biased, but I love him to pieces and he's one of the greatest kids I've ever known :) For his 7th birthday we celebrated a week early since we are heading back to God's Mountain Camp over his actual birthday. He's really excited to go and I'm looking forward to all life brings us through him as a 7 year old.

We double did it this year with two parties in one day. His friends party and a family party. Holy buckets.... what was I thinking!?!? By the second part of the birthday hoopla I was so tired, but it was well worth it. He had a great party day and we enjoyed everyone who could celebrate with us.

This year we tried something new... we went some where for his friends party. the bowling alley turned out to be a great spot to host a bunch of 6-8 year olds!! It also was an easy cake to make this year :)
I did my best to get some good shots, but they just move waaaaayyyy to fast for my camera! Boys, boys, boys...

Jaxon and a good buddy, Eli.
More action...
The gang this year...
Time for snacks and cake! Might I add it was a very small room with a lot of very loud rowdy boys!! I am so glad I have a couple friends tag along each year to help with damage control :)
Opening gifts..
This is the boys singing happy birthday... it was beautiful.... or not :) It made me laugh!!
We went straight home to start making home-made pizzas for our family party. We have home-made pizza almost every Friday night so we kept the tradition and just multiplied it. Jaxon loves pizza nights!
I think he opens a football every year... and I think he wears it out by the time he has another birthday so he always needs the next one!! :)
Our birthday boy! Happy 7th Birthday, Jaxon! You are my favorite 7 year old and we love you so much!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

goodbye Tom Brady

 Jaxon decided back this fall that he wanted to grow his hair out... like Tom Brady. We went through the shaggy stage, the in between stage, and the just plain ugly stage. A few weeks ago he hit the "really looks good now" stage. I actually started to love it! Then he came home one day and said "I want my hair cut really short, now!" I gave him a day or two to think about it and he decided he still wanted it cut. I was kind of sad to buzz it all off. I cut it and the next morning he woke up and told me it was not short enough. So then I REALLY cut it!! goodbye Tom Brady do!! Hello summer buzz!

AFTER (the 1st time)

That is a lot of hair off a little boy!!

And then I really buzzed it, but haven't taken a picture yet! It's just hair....we can grow Tom Brady again :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet, sweet baby...

 We had our ultra-sound today! It was such a sweet moment as we all found out together that we will be adding another sweet baby BOY to our family. Cheers were loud from the little people in our clan as she confirmed what we were seeing on the screen! We are so thrilled and blessed to have another healthy baby boy growing inside of me right now.

 The boys had a little fun telling some friends after our appointment... Dad was on the phone a lot sharing the news while the boys dropped off cupcakes revealing their secret :)

 Austin held his cupcakes so carefully between each stop...

 Baby BOY Hansen's face view...

There is no mistake... this babe was showing off his boys parts a lot :) Ahhh, boys!!!!

I am really looking forward to bringing another boy home to add to my already fabulous first two. He will for sure be another sweet, sweet baby boy!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ideas? Suggestions?

We have decided to find out what our baby is at our next ultra-sound...which is coming up! I am sure soon after that we will begin our name search :) I haven't put a ton of thought into this yet, but am excited to start! We have a Jaxon and an Austin...   got any good ideas for what should come next??? Girl or boy first names... middle name will be a family name most likely.