Thursday, February 3, 2011

winter in Iowa

Iowa winter's are a season all on their own... unpredictable, unusually long, typically cold, and most days very white outside. I love the four seasons and know I would miss them if I moved some place warmer. I just really wish fall was as long as winter and winter was the blink of en eye we experienced each year when it came to it's turn on the season chart. None the less... we are Iowans and we must make the most of winter days. I have to say....easier done these days with kids to take outside and have fun with. Our boys love the snow and seem to not notice the drop in temperature. Of course when every outside play time is followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows, what kid doesn't like winter play time? :-) The other day Austin asked if we could sit outside on the deck for dinner. When I told him it was too cold out he simply replied "I will put a hat on." If only my perception was as off as his :)

Austin spends 75% of his time outside eating snow. I am not kidding. As I looked though my outside pictures most of him were with his hand full of snow in his mouth!

 Jaxon is getting good at creating things in the snow all on his own. He makes snowmen, villages for squirrels, forts, football fields, and sledding slopes.

 More snow eating.... I do feed him!

 Our teamwork in making this fort. It's recently been blanketed with a new cover of snow...I guess we'll have some more work to do once the temp rises again!

The added tarp for a roof made for a semi-cozy spot outside :)

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