Friday, February 4, 2011

what we're reading

Most of you know...I love to read! It is my hobby that I can do anywhere, anytime, and during every season of my life.  I usually have a book in my van for in case I am found there waiting ever, in my purse for those times in a doctor's office waiting or at the hair dresser's, and always by my bed side table. Most don't know that my husband actually really likes to read too! And, our 6 year old is taking a liking to books lately also. I love it! So.... to record and remember what our family is reading these days I wanted to post on each of our readings as of lately. It's winter time and it seems we've made our way through a lot of good ones with all these cold days to be inside under blankets reading :)  I'll go first and then I will add the rest of the fam's later in the week. Have any good suggestions? I'm always looking for the next great book!

My favorite Christian fiction author is Karen Kingsbury. I've read all of her books and at a desperate attempt to find a good book, I picked up her first two novels to reread. She is a great writer and has grown so much through the years! Read these two while on vacation a couple weeks ago.

I really enjoy history and have always been drawn to stories from the Holocaust. Zoomed through this short read in about two days recently. A true and sad story that amazingly turns out okay in the end. Okay for a young girl that grew up in the Holocaust I guess. Nothing really okay about that...

The widow of a 9/11 victim. Left with two boys and gave birth to a daughter just months after her husband died trying to save the plane that crashed avoiding the Pentagon. Her faith story is amazing and I found much respect for our President at that time that had to walk through so much tragedy with so many families.  I cried as I read this book, but it may have been pregnancy hormones :)

I loved this author's first book, Bittersweet, and got this one as soon as I was finished with the Bittersweet book. This is my "van book". A perfect book to read a chapter or two each day while waiting for Jaxon to get out of school.

I have read through this twice already, but love it so much I pulled it out again. It's my "bedside table" book and I like to read a section each night before bed. Great faith encouraging words and questions to stretch you as a person. Gotta love anything by Rick Warren, right?

My very latest read. As in I just finished it tonight. Also a reread. I have read this book 3-4 times now. I love it. It's four women from the 1920's who follow very different dreams and each learn that sometimes our dreams are simply those things we open our eyes to so that we can see God's dream for us, more than our own. very next book. Pretty excited to start this one!! I'll let you know what I think :)

On my "to-read" list next... Francine Rivers "Her Daughter's Dream' and "Her Mother's Hope" and Mary Beth Chapman's "Choosing to See".


Kris Hoskinson said...

ohhh some good ones. can i borrow the tangerines one and maybe the blue bottle club? :)

amussig said...

I have read Her Mother's Dream by Francine Rivers - it is WONDERFUL! Thanks for the other good suggestions! I was going to do a blog about books I have been reading too, I love a good book suggestion anytime!