Saturday, February 26, 2011

last few days

A few fun moments from the last couple weeks...

 Neighbor buddy came for dinner and a movie while his mom and dad had one last date before new baby arrived! The boys were excited to have him... can you tell?

 Austin is SO excited I finally figured out his new track from his December! In the chaos of the party the instructions were thrown away (reason #1 I am that mean mom that doesn't let her kids open the gifts all the way during the party... we've thrown away perfectly new toys because we've lost a major piece during the party. One year a bed tent was broken before it even got put up because kids all used the stick pieces as swords! :) Anyways, after many attempts I figured it out! He LOVES it and played with it non-stop for about 2 days.

 Sister... as she is known at our house, or Avery. She cracks us up and meal time is no exception!

 Austin had so much fun making valentines with his Learn and Play friends. They worked so hard on was precious.

 Kids love water... we had fun experiencing with sink & floating using fruits and veggies. Now Austin fills the sink up while I cook dinner and finds what he can float from my kitchen.

 The boys got to go to a sweet little Valentine party for our buddy, Boaz's birthday! Unfortunately, every person in this picture was sick within this day. Sigh...  so ready for spring!

And this picture just makes me laugh... this is my life most days, most hours of the day. Action, noise, busyness, and little boys :)  This is a perfect "in the moment" picture. One boy dumping his truck full of blocks onto my kitchen floor, another racing his car through the commotion, another pointing and shooting a Nerf gun at the first two, and all while the dog tried to get in on the mix. This is while I make lunch on top of it. HA, ha, ha... I can't help but chuckle most days at how my "work-space" functions :)

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Becky Bartlett said...

Fun, fun! I forgot to comment on your last post- but your carpet looks great! (nice work, Dave!)