Monday, February 7, 2011

Jaxon's Books

Jaxon's reading has taken off this school year. I can't believe all he's learned in the last couple years. They develop so much these first years and being my first-born I am learning I have to stay on my toes if I want to keep up with these kids!!! It has been so wonderful to watch him learn so many new words and then just teach himself as he goes. I remember when I learned to read and I thought I was so cool! I loved that I could read books and I think it is when my love for books started... when I was about 6 years old. Our reading time has easily turned into him reading to us these days. Gone are the days when he would sit on my lap and let me read books upon books to him. Now I am watching from the passenger seat as he reads next to me or across from me. I'm so proud of him and love that he is finding a good story to get lost in as he explores the world of books!

First on his list... Junie B Jones. She is a FUNNY little girl and Jaxon actually laughs out loud as he reads about her and her adventures. I think he has read almost every single one of her series... a must read for this stage of readers.

 The Magic Tree House books are his most recent books of choice. He usually brings at least one home a week and he has liked the adventures in each of them. He is an adventure reader... likes action, a hero, and a mystery to be solved!

 The Boxcar Children! These have been so fun, as both Dave and I read these as kids ourselves. Dave spends time reading these out loud to us at times and Jaxon has liked keeping up with the four kids as they solve mysteries. These take him a little longer to get through, but he keeps bringing them home from the library.

This devotion book is our most recent bedtime read. Jaxon likes learning about all the different animals, how God made them, and how that relates to us as we learn from some pretty interesting "animals behaviors". Great devotion for kids!


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE all the memories of good kids books, Jess! I remember the girls reading all of those -- and I loves Junie B Jones and Boxcar Children myself! And I enjoyed your selections as well. A few I can add to my list!! Thanks for sharing! Jane E.

Kris Hoskinson said...

i used to like the boxcar children!!!! i get excited for big kid books:)

Marlene Engen said...

Congrats on the new baby!! I love getting on all your blogs and reading about life in your homes. My heart leaps for joy that you are raising your children to know and love the LORD.. Ice cream is GREAT, I love it too, but the WORD of God is the nourishment and POWER for our souls. Stay strong. Mar (are you surprised??)