Saturday, February 19, 2011

everyday occurances

It seems there are many little things during the day that we just do and never pay too much attention too. They are parts of our routine that often times feel like the hum-drums of our lives and they usually drift away almost unnoticed. These little things are what make my life these days... they are the things that I spend my time doing or creating to make my kids do or organize to have happen or set up to work out for us or plan to intentionally be a part of our lives. 
Some of these things are just happening and I almost forget from day to day because of the so many little things that just go on on their own as we live. I had to take note of a couple small things that happen almost daily... little things, but things that are our lives these days, during this season :)

Daily Austin asks for ice-cream or a cookie or a Popsicle or candy. Daily.  He used to sneak them and run away to a corner of the house to eat it, but now he at least asks and most days after a good meal has been eaten he tends to get a small treat once a day. Other daily things for him... climbing into my arms every morning after he wakes up and saying good morning, harassing his dog in some way or another, stealing his binkie when he's not supposed to have it, playing with his cars or trucks, and snuggling in for a long nap. These are just a few of his daily occurrences...

Jaxon has a routine all of his own... crawling out of bed and straight to the couch for a morning PBS show while I get breakfast, off to school where we drop him off 5 days a week with a high five and a prayer from me, a daily run down as soon as he jumps back in the van at the end of the day, has to have snack right after school because he's always starving, and of course nightly homework- usually reading or math, always surrounded by shooting hoops in the basement or convincing someone to play a game with him. He likes to finish with devotion in bed and refuses to sleep by himself these days, always wants to be right by his brother :)

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