Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad's Books

And last but not least, Dave's books. Dave likes a good mystery with some action and sometimes will pick up a good biography about a certain Christian athlete or coach. Once in awhile he will read a book based on a true story from inner city people who have made a difference in a certain community or a book about what happened for someone trying to conquer poverty in a certain tough neighborhood. When Dave and I first met he would read to me while we drove places or hung around at night... lots of Max Lucado in those days. It was one of the things I loved about him when we were first married. Anyways, he still reads and he is the guy who will start a book and not put it down for 2 days, staying up way to late! I asked him his most recent books and his answer for me was "nobody cares what I am reading, don't blog that". :) Well, I care and want to remember, so this is what I know...

 James Patterson. I know the last probably 5 books he has brought home from the library are by this author. I think he has read most of them. they creep me out, but he loves them. Seen "Kiss the Girls" or "Along Came a Spider" movies? Those are by James Patterson if you need an idea of what these books are.

And this has been sitting in a few spots around our house just recently. It's about a Chicago neighborhood and the few pages I glimpsed at were really interesting and encouraging. May have to snag it when he is done!

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