Thursday, February 24, 2011

before and after

My hubby is pretty good at surprises. I think part of the key to pulling it off is he rarely does it :) But when he does... he goes all out!!! 3 years ago I came home after a mission trip with the boys to find he had painted all our house shutters, painted kitchen, dining room, and entire basement, bought me a new dishwasher, and had cleaned the house! Now, surprises have gotten much better since our first couple years of marriage... after a Youth Trip one summer I came home to find he had sold our home without me even knowing when I was 8 weeks pregnant, sick, and heading back to my classroom in just a few weeks. Not so "happy" surprised about that one, but it worked out :) I think our first couple years together also had me about 6 new cars because he kept finding cheap ones on ebay and switching them out. Through the years there have been surprise nights away, amazing family vacations, a new dog, and date nights to name some.

A couple weeks ago Dave came home and was pacing the house. This isn't too unusual as he gets bored pretty easy, but he gave in and had to tell me what all the pacing was for. He was really bummed he had to come clean so soon, as he wanted to wait until I returned from another mission trip in a couple weeks, but the details weren't working out for that timing. The carpet guy was coming to measure our family room and stairs in just a few minutes it turned out! We've discussed carpeting this area since we moved in... 7 years ago. I totally did NOT see this coming!!! Once again, I was shocked and felt so loved :)  He'd been tucking some money to the side for awhile and treated me to new carpet. What a sweet surprise!  Dave is pretty darn good at pulling these off when he wants to. What a lucky wife I am!! In the process we've completely rearranged our home and I am loving our new set-up! Thanks babe... appreciate your thoughtfulness, time, and work to make this happen for our little home. What a treat for me!