Saturday, February 12, 2011

Austin's Most Read Books

Austin is still at the age where he will sit on my lap with his blankie, lean his head on me, and let me read countless books. We read at least a couple times a day and it is one of my favorite times of our day. I usually have an extra kid or two and we snuggle on the couch or on my bed and read. I love it. These books are the ones Austin most chooses these days. I have about 4 different spots in our home filled with children's books to encourage lots of reading. We mostly read from our trunk in the living room and these books rarely get put away between readings.

Like Jaxon, Austin also loves Lullaby Babes. We read this story hundreds of times to Jaxon and Austin loves it just as much. This is the most chosen book before nap times.
I read this book for days straight when Austin was still in his own room. We would rock-a-bye and read this every night together. I think he remembers the words as he listens to them intently when we read this together these days. Such a sweet story and connection while we do :)

Austin loves to act out this book and often times will "read" it to me. He has it mostly memorized and his favorite animal is the big bear when he sneezes. I get a big scene when we get to that page... and a bit spit on too.

Who doesn't love Llama, Llama books? We have three of them, but the red pajamas one makes Austin laugh when he acts like such a baby half way though. Though he always points out that they have ice-cream on the last page and well.... can he have ice-cream too? Smart boy :)

This is one of the sweetest books I have ever read to my children. If you don't have any Nancy Tilman books, you should! The pictures are amazing too and Austin loves the dancing polar bears in this book! (he is into a polar bear phase right now)

Jaxon had this Bible and we literally used it until the book fell apart. Austin got his own for Christmas and likes to read it with me, but mostly likes to "read" to himself as he flips through the pages on his own.

Austin loves snow and loves Peter in this book. Almost every time he will ask me... "where did his snow go?" after he goes inside and it melts. He also always tells me that Amber, his cousin, had snow fall on her head while in the hot tub on vacation, just like Peter has snow fall on his head. A daily read during these snowy days at our home.

I love children's books and will so miss the day when my children out grow them. I know I will empty this house of most of these ridiculous toys as the time comes, but my books will remain put until some grand-babies come along far down the road!! I promise that!

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